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Future Exhibits


December 2022 – February 2023

My entire process is a formal exploration of color, texture, space, and time. I draw inspiration from so many different sources… distressed architecture, pop art, graffiti, abstract expressionism, the New
Aesthetic movement and so much more.” – John

“My work is a surface where this dialogue becomes visible explorations of my surroundings and my
identity, a surrogate self with limitless possibilities. Often referencing architecural spaces, wallpapers, and raw materials… “ – Lisa

EDDIE DOMINGUEZ – Gallery Artist

June – August 2023

“It is rare that I make objects such as single plates or cups that can stand on their own…. I think of my work as all part of the same substance. It is like confetti. There may be different sizes and colors, but it is all torn paper.”

AUSTIN COUDRIET – Gallery Artist

December 2023 – February 2024

“My work is an ongoing tactile conversation between soft amorphous forms and rigid linear components…. Though use of tension, color, and negative space I abstractly depict pivotal and ephemeral moments in my life.”

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