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We appreciate your generosity! We accept monetary contributions of any amount, but that is not the only way to support the arts in your community. Donations of goods and services are also gratefully received.

Item Wish List

  • Cleaning Supplies: Sponges, Windex, Dish Soap, Dishwasher Soap, Disinfecting Cleaners
  • Vacuum
  • Office Supplies: Pens, Printer Ink
  • Classroom Supplies: Kleenex, Wet Wipes, Glue
  • Bulletin Board
  • Coffee Table
  • Building and Grounds:
    • Hard rake
    • Broom rake
    • Flat long-handled shovel
    • Assorted small hand rake/shovels
    • Bypass pruners – short and long-handled
    • Extension pole pruner
    • Cigarette receptacle
    • Outdoor storage box/closet for above tools
    • Natural Wood Ecology’s Best Wood Mulch, 30 to 40 bags
    • Menards gift certificates can be given in place of above items. Used tools are also okay. We can pick up!