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Art pieces by Judith and Jody

Fall 2020 Exhibitions

Refreshments laid out for guests.

On Thursday, September 10th the main gallery was set to host the reception for the new Gallery and Atrium Exhibitions. The atrium had a table setup, by the Norfolk Arts Center Ladies Guild, with an eye-catching assortment of refreshments, including apples with peanut butter and assorted nuts. Wine and lemonade where served to quench the thirst of the art enthusiasts in attendance.

Guests began to gather around 5 pm and took time to take in the various pieces throughout the center. After mingling and enjoying the provided fare for a while, it was time to introduce the gallery and atrium exhibitions. Our atrium artist Jody McQuillan was not able to attend so our executive director Denice Hansen took time to introduce the exhibition and to read the artist statement for the showing.

Judith Anthony Johnston speaking to a group in the gallery.

Next our gallery artist, Judith Anthony Johnston, addressed those in attendance. Judith told us of her original inspiration of enjoying a Modigliani piece when she thought to herself about the emotion that the piece made her feel and how she wanted to be a part of that and give others the same experience. This led her to begin taking classes, graduate and teach art for many years. Throughout the years she has worked with many mentors experiencing various mediums and styles. Several of her mentors told her that she needed to find her voice or medium which she never did, instead combining multiple mediums within individual pieces.

Art pieces in the gallery.

The idea behind the current show was to showcase the various aspects of her journeys through life including spiritually and emotionally. Each section of the show highlights a different aspect in life and different mediums are used throughout. Styles throughout the showing include figurative, spiritual and whimsical pieces with mediums including paint, parchment, wire and more. Gold leaf being the most prevalent used in most if not all pieces, Judith chose this medium because it has a translucent quality where you can see through to the colors and mediums underneath but also has a reflective quality in the right light. The goal with each piece is for the viewer to question, “Why was this made” and “What does this piece mean to me?”

Art pieces in the atrium.

The rest of the evening was spent reflecting on the exhibition with more context in mind and guests asking questions about specific pieces along with the entire showing. We want to thank Judith for attending and addressing the group and for Jody exhibiting her art with us. The exhibitions will be up until November 25th so be sure to stop by and take in the gallery and atrium exhibitions.