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Faces at the NAC – David

In this month’s edition of Faces at the NAC we are going to help you get to know our very own David Gaster! When you come to the NAC you can see him working on technology or running sound and MCing First Friday!

Originally from a farm just outside of West Point, David grew up loving all things outdoors and often enjoyed building things! He went to college at Northeast Community College and studied business and welding. After he graduated he worked many construction jobs in the area. He met his now-wife, Kara, at the old Riverside Ballroom here in town (it has since burned down) and they were married in 1997!

  Some of you might recognize her from here at the NAC, but more on that in a minute! After they got married they moved to Omaha where David worked for the Nebraska Department of Roads.  In 2004 David started his own company called, “Gaster Constructions.” Shortly after this they decided to move back to Norfolk! Kara started working here as the Director, and David joined the Building and Grounds Committee for a few years before he joined the staff here at the NAC! Kara has since moved on to a new job, but likes to come back to visit!

During their move back to Norfolk, David and Kara found out they were pregnant with their first daughter, Gwen. Then a few years later her sister Annaka joined the family!


David has many hobbies from music (he got his start playing trumpet in the high school band), to drawing, and even archery. But what David loves most is learning something new! Which is something we find as a HUGE asset here at the NAC!

He loves working at the NAC but his favorite parts include First Friday’s Open Mic night and getting to meet the artists!

David is a huge believer that everyone has a creative streak in them from something small to a huge desire to create and perform. That is what he believes the NAC is for – giving people a creative outlet no matter how big or small the creative desire.

We are so blessed to have David here at the Art Center! When you come in and see him don’t be afraid to stop and say hi!

“Art is what we call…the thing an artist does.

It’s not the medium or the oil or the price or whether it hangs on a wall or you eat it. What matters, what makes it art, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of doubt and made something worth making. Something risky. Something human.

Art is not in the …eye of the beholder. It’s in the soul of the artist.”
― Seth Godin