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Board of Directors

The Norfolk Arts Center has a Board of Directors consisting of up to 15 community members who actively advocate for the mission and purpose of the NAC. These forward-thinking members assist and guide the NAC staff as they aim to speak for all sections and demographics of the Norfolk area.

Nominate yourself or another person to the NAC Board of Directors.
Download the form: board member nomination form
Forms can be returned to NAC’s Executive Director, Sherry Ruden or any current member of the Board of Directors.

As a member of the Norfolk Arts Center Board of Directors, you must be fully committed and dedicated to the mission of the Norfolk Arts Center: “Bringing People and the Arts Together.” All NAC Board Members pledge to help the Norfolk Arts Center carry out this mission, consistent with the functions of the office of board member as stated in the by-laws.

Board Member Expectations and Responsibilities:

• He/She/They will be a member of the Norfolk Arts Center for the duration of their term.

• He/She/They will contribute his/her personal and professional skills, abilities, and knowledge to the advancement of the Norfolk Arts Center.

• He/She/They will attend regularly scheduled board meetings and serve on at least two committees of the board where he/she can apply his/her special skills, perspective, and experience.

• He/She/They will be prepared to discuss board business and actively participate in board and committee meetings and decision-making.

• He/She/They will represent the Norfolk Arts Center positively in the community.

• He/She/They will be actively involved in developing financial resources for the Norfolk Arts Center. This includes personal giving at a level that is reasonable for his/her situation and supporting other fund development activities of the Norfolk Arts Center.

• He/She/They will participate in fiscal, program, and staff oversight as directed by the by-laws.

• He/She/They will regularly attend Norfolk Arts Center events and encourage support and attendance of his/her friends and colleagues.

• He/She/They will respect the confidentiality of items disclosed at board meetings and committee discussions as needed.

• He/She/They will read and understand the board by-laws and act in conformity with them.


One term on the NAC’s Board of Directors consists of 3 years running July 1 – June 31. Board members then have the option to serve a second 3 year term. Members must then take at least one year away from the Board before applying again.

Norfolk Arts Center Board of Directors: 2022 – 2023

Tina Mazuch– President
Clare Orwig – Vice President
Ben Collins – Treasurer
April Dinkel – Secretary

  • Karen Christiansen
  • Carmen Powell
  • Tammi Reeves
  • Beatriz Rodriguez

*To contact any of these individuals, please send email to director@norfolkartscenter.org