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Future Exhibits

Sarah Lemmon & Carolyn Albracht | In the Corner of Nowhere

June 4 – August 27

“The forms within my work, often parallel my own journey
through the world. They function as characters, actors
or symbols through which fear, stress, disease, and decay
are explored. Often pulled apart, abstracted, replicated,
melted or hybridized, the state of the object is an attempt
at understanding and finding beauty in the demands of
circumstance.” – Sarah Lemmon

“My personal sketchbook practice took the form of fifteen or
twenty minute meditative doodles in which I would sit down
and start mark-making intuitively. I listen to music and try to
allow the mark-making to happen spontaneously, not allowing
myself to make conscious compositional decisions, but
rather just allowing the lines and shapes to form and happen
naturally. I think of it as a kind of “creative temperature
taking,” a reflection of where my creative energy levels happen
to be at that moment.” – Carolyn Albracht

Johntimothy Pizzuto & Patti Roberts-Pizzuto | Breaking Boundaries:
Mixed Media Works by Johntimothy Pizzuto and Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

June 4 – August 27 

“I engage with a conversation of the history of art and my relationship to that history.
Representation, abstraction and text all converge in the expression of my love for the power how
the mind, the hand and spirit emerge as ink on paper.” – Johntimothy Pizzuto

“Through the continued movement of my hands, the meaning of the marks gradually becomes
knowable and I begin to understand the work itself. Building on a foundation of the intuitive, the
surface and image continue to build, creating layers of meaning that I hope serve as touchstones or
cairns, markers to find our way forward and backward through time.” – Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

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