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Current Exhibits

Our current art gallery exhibits feature the works of Judith Anthony Johnston in the main gallery, Jodi McQuillan in the atrium gallery, and Aaron Beckman in the boardroom. Our art gallery exhibits change every three months and always feature the beautiful works of wonderful artists.

October 1 – 31, 2020

Aaron Beckman – Mini Gallery Exhibition

Aaron Beckman, owner and photographer at Nebraska Stock Photography, will showcase some of his most inspiring photographs during the month of October.

October is National Fire Prevention Month and to highlight our hometown heroes the Norfolk Arts Center will display a mini gallery exhibition of photographs taken in action. These photographs are sure to evoke emotion, inspiration, and restore faith in humanity.

Be sure to visit the gallery to experience this incredible exhibition.

September 3 – November 25, 2020

Judith Anthony Johnston – Gallery Artist

“My current body of work contemplates symbols, reflecting upon their capacity to connect one to personal truths.
Melding waxes, pigments, oils, charcoals, and inks together helps me purposefully connect to everything around me.
Gold and metal leaf contribute a redemptive quality. A final layer of resin finishes with a transparency, allowing for observation and reflection.”

The Journey

Jody McQuillan – Atrium Artist

Earth Thaw Intersection
Free Flowing Champagne
Lava Flow
Little Glitter Girl
Copper Mine
Blue Life 2
Blue life 1
Turbulence at Sea
Splash Crash
To Karen with Much love
Ocean Bliss
Washes of Blue Swipe
Garden Bountiful

Sponsored by the Norfolk Arts Center Ladies Guild

“My artwork has always come from nature.  Images of growing things, sometimes realistic, impressionistic, or even abstracted nature images are my favorite subjects. I am stirred by natural hues of green growing things, lush rusts, golds, browns of the earth below, and the blue greens of bodies of water. I’ve also come to understand that in addition to the intrinsic  call for me to make art, the act of making it helps me process ideas and defuse the stressors of everyday life.  Making art brings me joy. Perhaps that is why I kept it just for me, rather than to pursue it as a career.
As an art student at Kearney State College my emphasis was drawing and painting, but I also loved printmaking and sculpture. Basically I loved it all, but felt my calling to education and I dearly wanted to keep art as my passion and release. Over the years my time, interest, and materials dictated what kind of artwork I created. I watercolored through the years my children grew. After our move to Norfolk I had access to a Kiln and worked in glass fusion always with organic colors and shapes. Beading and jewelry making soon followed after that and still continues today. It too, has had a shift toward the natural, semi precious stones and crystals. 
I stumbled onto liquid acrylic pour painting by accident about two years ago and found it delightfully freeing.  It can be used in paintings in parts of sky, water, or as an non objective abstraction image. I have played with many different types of painting, but there are hundreds pouring and swiping techniques.  The materials and unlimited colors have been a major draw for me. I can create something new everyday, and often do.”

Jody McQuillan

Thanks to our sponsors for believing in the arts and supporting our gallery which is always free and open to the public!

**Sponsorship ensures the gallery is ALWAYS free and open to the public!