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We are currently living in difficult times, the ways in which we have lived our lives have changed dramatically, and many of us are wondering how to move forward.

Things may be difficult, but there can be positive benefits to this weird time we are living in. We all may be stuck at home but we have a unique opportunity to spend more time with family, to take better care of ourselves, and to thrive even under these strange circumstances.

You can take the time to read (our wonderful Norfolk Public library has a simple way you can download books from the comfort of your own home!). You can practice your cooking skills and get creative trying to make something from the random items you have in your cupboard. You can do at home workouts (Cal Reeves Yoga will be posting at home videos and Rachel Pfeifer will be doing a Zoom Zumba class), have a family movie night, create a trivia game and do creative art projects to help relax and soothe your mind! You can also help local businesses and non-profits in many ways! Supporting their programing, ordering food – it all helps!

We want to help you, so starting today we are doing online classes for you and your kiddos! Most of these classes can be done with things you likely already have in your home. If you don’t have the materials, don’t worry we will help you with that also! All you have to do is e-mail Sara@norfolkartscenter.org and we will get you the supplies you need! We will be doing these classes Monday-Friday and will be posting the video at 11 AM – but the videos will be saved so you can do the projects anytime! Our first week of classes is listed below!

There are so many positive benefits to creating something, it works the brain and also reduces stress – and we could all use less stress right about now!! Don’t forget to post pictures of yourself doing these projects on social media, tag the Norfolk Arts Center and use the #cantcancelcommunity!

We will also be posting other resources here each week. Check back for other ideas of things you can be doing at home!

We are here for you during this time. Even though we may be closed, we are still a community and nothing can change that! #cantcancelcommunity