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Membership Updates Unveiled!

Norfolk Arts Center board and staff have been working on this project for almost a year, collecting feedback from our members and have designed a structure to better fit you.

The updates range from new names for membership levels to a new simpler brochure, and streamlined benefits for members designed to be what you want to get out of your membership! These changes are both for the Corporate and the Household memberships.

Our hope is that these new and improved memberships are exactly what you, your families, and your companies are looking for!

We have included the brochures in this post for easy access. If you would like a physical copy simply contact the NAC!

Our streamlined process for Corporate Memberships includes sponsorship credits you could use for things like gallery exhibits, Setting the Stage for Kids theatre program, or ‘Fork Fest as well as perks for both you and your employees. 

Your support of the arts helps us keep our programming available to the public! If you have any questions about these changes please don’t hesitate to call the NAC or email elizabeth@norfolkartscenter.org!

NAC’s First-Ever Virtual Exhibition

For the first time ever, the Norfolk Arts Center is bringing you a virtual exhibition. With the current conditions of our community, we wanted to bring the art to you! We are pleased to present the 13th Annual Juried Show and Doane University Faculty Art Show. To view the show simply go to the end of this post to see the video. This show will be available until May 28th.

The winners of the Juried show, as selected by our juror, Eric Stearns, are:
Best of Show: Diana Tweedy, Solitary Converse with Nature
1st Place: Patricia Hollins, Dreaming Upside Down
2nd Place: Kaci Schacht, Fossilized

A Letter from Juror, Eric Sterns of Doane University

I want to thank the Norfolk Arts Center for inviting me to juror their 13th Annual Juried Competition. This pleasurable task is humbling and one I take most seriously. The submissions presented an abundance of quality artworks for me to view. I approached my responsibilities with the utmost care, viewing the pieces multiple times over several days. The 13 works I selected represent the images that resonated with me strongly.

Thank you to Carlie Preister of CMP Lifestyle Photography for donating her time and talent to photograph this exhibit. We appreciate your support of the arts!

Although our gallery is currently closed to the public, the doors are open by appointment. If you are interested in viewing the gallery in-person, please email us at info@norfolkartscenter.org or give us a call at 402.371.7199.
We look forward to hearing about your virtual experience!

Faces of the NAC – Austen Hagood

Allow us to introduce to you to one of the Norfolk Arts Center’s amazing Board Members – Austen Hagood!  Austen was born and raised in Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in English. Austen began his career in radio and moved to Nebraska about 7 years ago.

A few years after moving to Norfolk he started to get involved with the Norfolk Arts Center. He started helping with Soup R’ Art, then helped with the capital campaign for the endowment before finally joining our Board of Directors. He joined the Board because he believes in the mission of the NAC and wanted to help make the arts accessible to everyone. Austen’s favorite part of being on the Board is getting to see the yearly vision come alive!

The arts have always played an important role in Austen’s life. For him, it began with theater in middle school, then moved into radio – he says every day was a show. Graphic Art, music, performing arts, all of that lead him to his current job as the Marketing Officer at BankFirst. He says that his job uses music, works, and pictures all in an effort to advertise for the bank!

In his free time Austen is what one could call a serial hobbyist, he finds something he enjoys, masters it – then moves on to something new. Austen has done everything from oil painting, leather tooling, and even building guitars! He says that once he gets to hang of his new hobby he rarely does it again. This quality certainly makes Austen a jack of all trades!

Austen says that he has always believed the arts are a cornerstone of our culture, but his favorite will always be the performing arts. The Norfolk Arts Center’s performing arts program is his favorite part of the NAC. He loves that we work hard to bring world-class performances to our town!

We have the most amazing Board members and we can’t thank you enough for all you do to support the Norfolk Arts Center and the Arts!

6 Tips for Working From Home

In this unique time, many of us are working from home and this experience has left us with a new set of challenges. Some of us have to deal with “coworkers” running around the house screaming about dinosaurs and fairies, some of us now have the added job of teacher along with our regular 9-5, and some of us simply feel the pull of the sun on a beautiful day. For most of us, our “office” is now our kitchen, living room, or dining area and the days of getting to shut a door to signal that we need space to work are over. Needless to say, focus and inspiration in the workplace have disappeared for many of us.

Personally the transition from working in a Gallery with art to inspire always on the walls to working in my kitchen and praying that the dog and the cat chasing each other does not wake up my 7-month-old so I can make the most of nap time….has been anything but easy. So today I want to focus this blog on the things we can do to make our work-from-home spaces ones that work for us, areas that are inspiring and help us focus!

Tip #1) Keep your space tidy. Working in my kitchen has its own set of challenges. When I sit down to work and I see a pile of dirty dishes and crumbs on the counters my concentration shifts from work to all of the home tasks I also need to get done. To help with this, every night before I go to bed I make sure the dishes are clean and the kitchen is tidy. Then, in the morning, I give myself a few minutes before I am on the clock to pick up any last-minute items. This gives me fewer distractions when I sit down to work!

Tip #2) Marie Kondo said it best when she said to surround yourself with things that “spark joy” and this is true for our at-home workspaces as well. Take the time to put up some pictures that you love or move a plant or a candle into the space where you work! Make sure you have good lighting! I work in my kitchen for many reasons, I love the amount of sun this room gets, it’s bright even on a cloudy day, and we have one of our wedding pictures hanging up above our table. I love seeing the family and friends that I can no longer visit because of social distancing. I always have my diffuser running with sents that help me focus like rosemary or eucalyptus!

Tip #3) Accountability! Make sure you have people to keep you accountable. It could be co-workers, your spouse, or even a friend! Someone who to going to remind you to stay focused when times get hard!

Tip #4) Start and end at the same time each day. This helps separate work from home even when you are working at home. And don’t be afraid to give yourself little breaks throughout the day. Can’t focus? Go on a walk around the block, watch a 5 minute YouTube Video, or read a couple pages of a book. Giving your mind a break can help you focus when you get back to work. But have a set time for your break to make sure you do get back to work!

Tip #5) Stay organized! For me, I am glued to my planner! I made sure to get a beautiful one that brings me joy every time I look at it! I make sure to write everything that I need to get done down and at the start of every week I try to plan out my week. What do I need to get done every day. Staying organized is crucial in this crazy world we are living in!

Tip #6) Don’t beat yourself up. We are all learning how to function in this new world of social isolation. The work-life balance has become a blurred line for all of us. Do your work to the best of your ability, make the most of nap time and sunny days when the kids can go outside, and know you are not a bad teacher – none of us have done algebra in years. We are all doing the best we can and we are all in this together.

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful time of year, typically full of spending time with family, hunting for eggs, and making colorful creations!!

Today we are going to share with you some fun at home Easter crafts and activities! The first how to make egg dye at home! The best part is you only need 1) water 2) vinegar and 3) food dye!

Creating this dye is simple – Mix ½ cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon white vinegar and food color in a bowl! It’s that easy! Play around with how many drops of dye you want to use as well as mixing different colors of dye to get the desired result!

If you want to make your eggs even more interesting – grab those crayons you have lying all over the house and use them to color on your eggs first – where the crayon goes the dye will not stick! Try different colors and dyes for fun combinations!!

For a fun twist on egg dying you can use shaving cream whipped cream to give your eggs a tie-dyed effect! All you need is the shaving or whipped cream, food dye, a cooking sheet, and a straw!

All you do is spread shaving cream evening in your baking sheet, then squirt different color dyes all over in the shaving cream! Use the straw to swirl the colors together! Rolls the eggs in the dye until they are completely covered and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse the eggs off!

Another fun Easter activity is Peep Painting! All you need are some Peeps (yes I mean the candy) and paint!

If you don’t have paint check out this great video where Sara teaches you to make your own paint at home!

Once you have your paint and your Peeps all you need is paper! Let the Peeps become your brushes and create a work of art!

Faces at the NAC – Cal Reeves

Today we are featuring one of our amazing instructors, Cal Reeves! Our instructors go above and beyond to teach our students and to bring the arts to you.

Cal grew up on a farm between Battle Creek and Meadow Grove. Her love of the arts started as a child when her mother helped her with many different 4-H projects. In high school, her art teacher encouraged her and taught her to use many different mediums. In college, she followed her great desire to teach art by taking several art studies classes.

Cal is currently a recruiter for Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska and runs her own yoga studio – Cal Reeves Yoga! She is now offering a virtual membership to help people during this time of social distancing.

To Cal the arts have helped show her who she really is. Whether it’s something she’s created or admiring someone else’s work, the inspiration and emotion that comes through brings meaning and a new appreciation for life.

In her spare time, Cal loves supporting local businesses, being out in nature and spending time with her three dogs.

Cal teaches our Gallery yoga class as well as many others and is a common face when you come into the NAC. We are blessed to have her!

If you are looking for a Yoga workout to do at home, you can check out Cal’s youtube page or take a look at the great video she made below!


We are currently living in difficult times, the ways in which we have lived our lives have changed dramatically, and many of us are wondering how to move forward.

Things may be difficult, but there can be positive benefits to this weird time we are living in. We all may be stuck at home but we have a unique opportunity to spend more time with family, to take better care of ourselves, and to thrive even under these strange circumstances.

You can take the time to read (our wonderful Norfolk Public library has a simple way you can download books from the comfort of your own home!). You can practice your cooking skills and get creative trying to make something from the random items you have in your cupboard. You can do at home workouts (Cal Reeves Yoga will be posting at home videos and Rachel Pfeifer will be doing a Zoom Zumba class), have a family movie night, create a trivia game and do creative art projects to help relax and soothe your mind! You can also help local businesses and non-profits in many ways! Supporting their programing, ordering food – it all helps!

We want to help you, so starting today we are doing online classes for you and your kiddos! Most of these classes can be done with things you likely already have in your home. If you don’t have the materials, don’t worry we will help you with that also! All you have to do is e-mail Sara@norfolkartscenter.org and we will get you the supplies you need! We will be doing these classes Monday-Friday and will be posting the video at 11 AM – but the videos will be saved so you can do the projects anytime! Our first week of classes is listed below!

There are so many positive benefits to creating something, it works the brain and also reduces stress – and we could all use less stress right about now!! Don’t forget to post pictures of yourself doing these projects on social media, tag the Norfolk Arts Center and use the #cantcancelcommunity!

We will also be posting other resources here each week. Check back for other ideas of things you can be doing at home!

We are here for you during this time. Even though we may be closed, we are still a community and nothing can change that! #cantcancelcommunity

Coronavirus Closure

Out of an abundance of caution, we are aligning with our community partners and following the direction of the Health Department and the CDC. The Norfolk Arts Center will be closed through March 24. All programming scheduled during this time has been postponed. We continue to monitor the situation and are still diligently committed to promoting the arts and supporting our community. Our team is discussing ways in which our programs and services can be made available to the public in a safe and effective manner. More information will be made available as plans develop. Thank you all for your continued support! We are taking all necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our staff and patrons. Additional information regarding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 can be found on the City of Norfolk’s website:https://norfolkne.gov/government/departments/communications-office/covid19.html

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day so we want to take the time to tell you about a very special class we are having tomorrow!

According to Irish legend, the leaves on a 4-leaf clover stand for faith, hope, love, and luck. It is often said that there are more 4 leaf clovers in Ireland than anywhere else and that is why the Irish are lucky! That is why tomorrow we have our special St. Partick’s Day Salt Painting Class. Our little leprechauns will use the salt painting technique to create their very own four-leaf clover!

The class is from 4-5 p.m. and is only $10/person! Come and let your kiddos celebrate St. Patrick’s day by creating something fun and festive!

Now for some fun facts about St. Patrick – he was NOT Irish! He was brought to Ireland as a slave when he was only 16 years old. He was actually from Britain. He later escaped slavery but returned to Ireland to convert the people.

There are many legends about St. Patrick the most famous being that he sent the snakes out of Ireland, used a 3-leaf clover to explain the idea of the Holy Trinity (3 persons in one God), and that he raised people from the dead.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th because that was the day that St. Patrick died.

Norfolk, Public, Parochial, and Home School Student and Faculty Exhibition

March is National Arts Education Month and to celebrate every year the Norfolk Arts Center welcomes Norfolk’s public, parochial, and home school students and faculty to display their work for the enjoyment of the whole community!

The show kicked off last Saturday with a reception here at the Norfolk Arts Center. Families and friends proudly enjoyed their budding artists’ accomplishments while savoring cookies and lemonade.

The turn out was excellent. Families and friends from all over came to these amazing works by the kids! Even some of the faculty had art on display! There was even a HUGE picture that the kids were coloring and it will be out in the gallery the rest of the month!

You have until April 2nd to enjoy this fun and unique show.