Make a Lorax Pot (ages: 6-10)

Transform an ordinary planting pot into your favorite character the Lorax!

Class Description

Ages: 6-10
Instructor: Pam Bergstrom
Create your own Lorax Planting Pot while we watch “the Lorax” movie starring Taylor Swift and Danny DeVito. Start out with just a plain clay pot and transform it into the Lorax using paint and imagination. During the movie, learn about the importance of not only planting trees, but also planting flowers and other flora. Each child will get to choose their own tree seed and will also be able to take their creation home that day and watch the beauty of seeing something they planted with their own hands turn into a baby tree that can stay in the Lorax Planting Pot for a few months and then be transplanted outside.
Saturday, August 12 | 1:00-2:30 p.m.



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